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Successors of City History

We are Ilgam, a team of real estate developers - contemporary successors of city history. We believe that homes have to not only be modern and comfortable but should also exist to continue the history of our city by preserving the things that are the dearest. 

Our projects are meant for those who are searching for authenticity and uniqueness, those who want to find themselves living in an extraordinary location and an extraordinary home every day.

In our projects, we seek to combine contrasts: we choose historic and interesting locations while matching them with the innovations of today. We understand that a home should allow one to live a private life without no external interference and create circumstances to relax, rest, find joy and special inspiration. We are contemporary successors of city history, who think and create for the long haul. 

The Team

The features that define the Ilgam team are experience, ambition and love of history and architecture. We do not see projects simply as a set of walls and a roof. We see them as places where people will create their lives, where stories of the city will be told. 

We love uniqueness and understand its value, not just as a long-term investment in real estate, but also as an investment in your quality of life. To us, uniqueness and authenticity are not just fancy words, to us - they are critical criteria in creating new projects. 

Antanas Bimbiras

I am one of the founders of Ilgam and I have been working in real estate for 17 years. The thing that is the most interesting to me is the process: when you can turn nothing or something old into a brand new, extraordinary project; that you can give old walls a new life, turn them into exclusive, luxurious projects; that you can create and recreate a city, complement its face.

The thing that is most important to me is that the people who will live in our creations feel comfortable and well there. We look to the future with innovative solutions, we seek to maintain what is historically valuable and to give a person all of the conditions to feel tranquility and harmony. That is most important to me in my work. 

Gabija Matonytė-Bimbirienė

I am the co-owner of Ilgam and the Head of Sales. I’ve been working in real estate for several years and currently I am involved in sales, marketing and communication. I have graduated from the ISM University of Management and Economics, which has given me knowledge I successfully use in my work every day. I enjoy working with long-term, tangible projects, and what could be more long-term than real estate? To me, the most important thing is finding what is suitable and relevant to each particular buyer, to propose a solution that would enable them to have the home of their dreams. 

I am a part of this particular team because a responsible outlook on city history is important to me: our objects integrate into the city architecture and landscape organically, while each project is created to fit into the overall cityscape and complement their originality, continue the existing history and help people create the stories of their own lives. 

Kristijonas Matonis

I am taking care of Ilgam’s legal questions, while I have gathered my real estate experience working in law firms and the public sector. The real estate market is unpredictable and changing fast. If you want to ride the wave, you have to know how to change with it. That is exactly what fascinates and motivates me the most. 

I chose the Ilgam team for a reason: we see things similarly, which is why we can create extraordinary projects. I admire that while developing our projects, we make efforts to let each building continue its city’s history and each client to become not only an inhabitant but also an important part of the city. 

Kastytis Žuromskas

I apply my 10 years of experience in real estate by being a Partner of Ilgam and at the same time by coaching. Having grown my competencies in my previous positions that included being the CEO of RE/MAX Lithuania and the Head of Growth and Crowdfunding Sales of Profitus, I understand the players of the real estate market well and can advise my team and potential clients on the best decisions.

I believe that the most important thing in our work is fulfilling promises, as when people buy real estate, that is exactly what they also buy - a promise. 

Valerij Bezborodyj


Užupio ložės
In progress

The Old Town and Užupis districts of Vilnius are absolutely true works of art. We have built You homes in which you will be able to take in the surrounding visual and aural symphony during all four seasons, cosily and comfortably. Only 16 exclusive terraced apartments are sold in the Lounges of Užupis project, located on the slope of Vilnelė river.

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Totorių sodas
In progress

The apartment building complex Totoriai Garden is meant for those who are searching for authentic living and tranquility in the heart of the Old Town. A cup of coffee in your private garden and the ambience that exudes the history of Vilnius and is created for extraordinary living. For those, who are seeking balance between an active lifestyle in the centre of a city and peace at home, for those who discover themselves again where even the walls are inspiring.  

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Premium apartamentai Druskininkuose

On the Ratnyčėlė river bank in Druskininkai, we have found an exclusive location for those who want to rest in their own private apartments in one of the most beautiful locations in Lithuania. 17 apartments with terraces, both indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna complex just so you could run away from the day-to-day minutia into the energy and life soaked Druskininkai and find new sources of energy.

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